Advisory plays an important role in Tax planning and preparation which needs to be of significant value in the marketplace. The advisory for tax and accounting-related queries is not restricted to providing certain advice and solutions to the problem but scope beyond their tax compliance engagement. There is a difference between offering free advice and advisory services, the advisory services include expert advice which is not limited to restricted accounting and tax-related basic assistance but the holistic approach of it.

Advisory services can involve the following:

New Transactions

Advice on how to approach and structure new transactions such as equipment leasing, company purchasing, ESOP, etc.


GAAP Conversion from local GAAP to IFRS

(ex. Canadian ASPE to IFRS)



Support on new accounting standards (ex. IFRS 15, IFRS 16, etc.)

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Advisory services and prices can vary based on scope, timeline and engagement. Contact us for a free consultation and we can put together a plan of action that suits your needs!

One person working on a case portraying a financial advisory process

Why is Advisory..

Advisory is never a one size fits all, and any company who can offer you a blind quote or timeline may not be considering all the variables that may impact your business goals. A few we always like to discuss in our initial consultation are:

We will discuss the scope of services to be provided under the contract. This can range from general consulting to specialized advice such as financial planning, compliance, or strategic guidance.ย 


This refers to the amount of time you expects to receive services. This can be measured in hours, days, or months.ย 


Depending on the needed qualifications and experience levels we will engage the necessary resources. Whether we source internally orย  partner with our external specialists we will ensure your project needs are clearly understood and met.

Contract duration

Some engagements are needed for a short projects, while others may require our ongoing involvement. Factors such as pricing, contract type and more will greatly differ based on the contract duration. We are happy to discuss options that suit your needs and your timeline.


We will always consider the degree to which services need to be tailored. If you are concerned about needing a special set of services that we haven’t shown here, please reach out and discuss your specific needs.