Tax Services

We use our expertise to ensure you retain the most income eligible under the current tax laws. Because we closely monitor all legislative changes, we are quick to notify you of any that may affect your tax situations. From there, we will always guide you on best strategy to minimize your taxes. You can be assured that all required tax returns are filed on time and that all tax matter are dealt with when working with us! Are tax planning and tax saving techniques just too complex to understand? We will explain to you in a language, you can understand.

Two people working on a case portratying a financial advisory client meeting

Corporate Taxes

Operational taxes present a challenge for all businesses, and the amount you pay can significantly vary based on your tax planning strategies. We identify various tax planning opportunities that can boost your bottom line and decrease your overall tax burden. If your company seeks advice on federal and provincial tax, employee and shareholder compensation, or financing structures, our expertise is at your service.

Personal Taxes

We hold the view that business owners must actively reduce their tax obligations. Our tax advisors, skilled in both personal and corporate taxation, work to integrate and align your tax positions. Through our tax planning and compliance services, we strive to help you achieve your personal financial goals.

Additionally, our tax specialists offer guidance to corporations and their employees on expatriate foreign assignments. We deliver services such as tax consulting and planning, optimizing expatriate costs, calculating tax equalizations, and ensuring tax compliance.

Indirect Taxes

Taking care of your company’s indirect tax matters—including commodity tax, excise tax, provincial tax, and customs tariffs—is crucial for your future. We actively work to minimize your indirect taxes and ensure their proper collection and remittance as required.

Two people working on a case portratying a financial advisory client meeting

Tax Incentives

We also provide specialized tax services in the scientific research and experimental development area. We work with you and your technical people to ensure your company is taking advantage of these lucrative tax incentives.