•  Real Estate Accounting :- developers, investors, operators, mortgage brokers, and more
    •  Construction Accounting :- general contractors, home builders, sub-contractors, and specific construction trade
    •  Manufacturing and Wholesale Trade :- import and export trading, international tax planning, transfer pricing, etc.
    •  Hospitality :- Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, and Recreation.
    •  Information Technology Accounting :- computer consultants, software developers, and information technology professionals.
    •  Healthcare Accounting :- doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and related medical providers.
    •  Law Firm Accounting :- personal injury law, labour and employment law, trusts and estates law, family law, tax law, real estate law
    •  Transportation :- trucking, aviation, and warehousing
    •  Consumer Services :- electricians, plumbers, painters, home builders, and more
    •  Professional Services :- architects, legal, information technology, and consulting services
    Our clients typically save taxes each year by using this two-step strategy:-
    1. Choosing and maintaining the right type of structure (s-corporation, c-corporation, partnership) for your business.
    2. Implementing our ongoing quarterly tax planning services to secure the best possible tax position for the available benefits.

    Many existing business owners throughout the Vancouver area come to us with previously formed corporations or Limited Liability Companies (LLC), but are not taking advantage of the “built in” tax benefits. Effective tax planning and coordination, often puts money into your pocket.

    We offer FREE consultation to help you choose the right structure and ensure that you minimize your taxes. 
    Call us at 604-325-4605 and ask for Deepak Arora to discuss your specific needs.



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